(Processing Systems Lab)

Post Doctoral Scholar: 1 Position

PSyLab is looking for a self-motivated Post-doctoral scholar with experience in IC design and testing. Areas of expertise include, but are not limited to (1) Analog IC design, (2) Mixed-Signal design, (3) Integrated power and voltage regulation, (4) PLL design and (5) ML-hardware design. All creative applicants in the broader area of IC or system design with a strong foundation in their area of research are welcome.

Graduate Student Research Assistant (Ph.D) : 2 Positions

There are currently two funded positions in the group for the academic year 2020-2021. The group welcomes enthusiastic, motivated graduate students with a strong foundation in basic Electrical and Computer Engineering concepts, and an interest in integrated system design (Digital/Analog/Mixed-signal). An interest in control systems, signal processing, computer architecture, or communication electronics is desirable. However, I am primarily interested in critical thinkers with a good work-ethic and an eagerness to learn. We'll work out the rest over the course of time.

Graduate Student Research Assistant (MS) : 2 Positions

I typically invite 1-2 promising students each year to join the group and take part in research and professional development activities. Funding is NOT guaranteed, and depends on a variety of considerations including the research project and opporutnities for Teaching Assistants. For unfunded positions, student exposure and training are accorded a much higher priority over specific research goals.

Undergraduate Researchers (Open Positions:2)

The group welcomes enthusiastic, motivated undergraduates from EE/CE/Math/Physics, with a strong grounding in at least one area of integrated system development (e.g., digital/analog design, power systems, computer architecture, IC testing). Students will either take on a directed project to build system modules to be used in research applications, develop test infrastructure (e.g., test PCB’s, FPGA emulators), or team up with graduate students to assist and collaborate on solving challenging research problems.