(Processing Systems Lab)

Oct 15, 2021

Congratulations to Chi-Hsiang on his paper at ISSCC'22!

Chi-Hsiang will be presenting his paper on an architecture to realize autonomous energy-minimization in wearable devices. While energy-efficient computing has enjoyed much attention over the past two decades, a major source of energy dissipation (up to 50%) is attributed to wasted leakage energy in the decoupling capacitance once the system goes to sleep, only to wake up again, draw power from the source to re-charge the battery and perform a limited number of computations. Chi-Hsiang's architecture recovers the stored energy into a battery before transitioning the system into sleep mode, thus avoiding this wasted power.

Stay tuned till Feb. 2022 to see the paper and presentation slides for this work. Congratulations again Chi-Hsiang, on a truly well-deserved outcome!